St Michael Building in 2009
Hall and St. Magdalene Building in 2009
Main Building in 2009
Main Building (Austin Road Entrance) in 2009
A room in St. Magdalene Building for Legion of Mary meeting (2000)
A corner in School Library (2000)
The Main Building Corridor (2000) (The notice boards were demolished in 2009 for the construction of the School Heritage Lane)
A corner in Staff Room (1999)
Kimberley Road school gate since September 1995
St. Mary’s in 1995 (The building in front of the cars was the Physics Laboratory)
The badminton court in the early 1990s. The Chemistry Laboratory (left) and the Physics Laboratory (right) were both demolished in 1996 for building the St. Magdalene Building
The green gate at the Kimberley Road (1980s)
Physics Laboratory in 1970s
School Hall (1970s)
Student Council Office in the late 1970s (It is now the English Learning Centre)
School Hall in 1955 (note the Victoria Harbour at the top of the photo)
The Main Building in 1939. Wall separating the school from Kimberley Road, where the primary section now stands. The sloping lawn where the present steps are
The top floor added to St. Michael building, 1938
Main Building in early 1930s. Note that the right wing was not yet built to the Convent floor
The then two-storey St. Michael Building along Chatham Road, 1924
Dr. Gomes added a bungalow alongside the school, 1906
A house named Maria Helena Gomes, by benefactor, Dr. A.S. Gomes, 1903, built on the present site of Main Building