F.7 Arts students with their class teacher, Mrs Ng (1967)
F.7 Graduates (1967)
Graduation ceremony with Mother Adolpha 1965
The school badge until 1960. Note: “St. Mary’s School” replaced by “St. Mary’s Canossian College”
The present school badge (since 1960)
St. Marians at their Graduation Party in the Hall, 1956
Graduation – girls from Chinese Section proudly grasping their certificates, 1951
Students of early 1950s on a picnic to Stanley
The little ones of the primary section, 1940’s
Little St. Marians of the kindergarten section, 1940s
St. Mary’s Community, 1932.
Senior students of 1930
The 10th Anniversary of St. Mary’s School,1910
The School Community, in front of the Maria Helena Gomes Building in 1903