Language Policy

Medium of Instruction

English is adopted as the medium of instruction at St. Mary’s Canossian College for all subjects except Chinese Language, Putonghua and Chinese History.
We have put the ‘Language on Campus Policy’ in place to enrich the English Language environment. Details of the policy are as follows:

Language on Campus Policy

i) Related to Learning and Teaching:

♦ All subjects are taught in English except Chinese related subjects.
♦ Outside the classroom, teachers should speak to the students in the same language that they use in the classroom, i.e. English medium subjects in English and Chinese medium subjects in Putonghua (PTH).
♦ To maintain high standards in use of language on campus, students are required to speak in full language at all times, that is, using proper and accurate English and Chinese (PTH), inside and outside the classroom.
♦ Students should use dignified language and refrain from using unacceptable language at all times.
♦ Students should make the effort and encourage one another to exchange views in English/PTH at all times on campus and should avoid using mixed codes in their conversations.

ii) Related to Student Activities:

♦ All whole school assemblies should be conducted in English, except for specific occasions as needs arise.
♦ School functions and club activities should be conducted primarily in English supplemented by Chinese (Putonghua) or completely in PTH if deemed appropriate and necessary.
♦ Proper language should be used for materials on display boards and all publicity documents such as circulars, notices etc. All written documents should be in proper written form and mixed codes are not accepted.
♦ All class announcements should be made in proper English (except those related to subjects taught in Chinese or PTH).
♦ All messages or notes written on the blackboard should be in proper written English / Chinese as appropriate.  Mixed codes are not allowed.

Ways to sustain the Language on Campus Policy

♦ For Class Teachers :
• explain the language policy included in the School Core Values in Practice in the student handbook,
• regularly monitor students’ conscientiousness in observing the language policy,
• spot check and make rectifications where necessary.
♦ For Student Council :
• incorporate the language policy requirements in the guidelines given to all student bodies,
• check and monitor to ensure all publicity materials are written or made according to language policy,
• check and monitor to ensure all activities are conducted according to the language policy,
• regularly hold activities to promote the language policy.
♦ For House Advisors and CCA Advisors :
• incorporate the language policy requirements in the guidelines or instructions given to houses and clubs,
• monitor and maintain the standard of language used in announcements, meetings and publication materials,
• language related clubs (i.e. English Society, Chinese Culture Society, Debate Clubs, etc.) should regularly hold activities to promote the language policy,
• ensure all general assemblies are conducted in English.
♦ For Subject Teachers :
• observe the policy on teaching medium,
• monitor and ensure that students express themselves fully in proper language,
• speak to students in the same language used for teaching inside and outside the classroom.