A. Motto of the Year

  • Objectives:
    • to be a voice for students 
    • to provide opportunities for students finding their own spark
    • to organize significant activities to enhance school spirit and create a sense of unity among students
    • to provide a platform for students to shine



Spectra—Shine forth with our unique radiance


Without any sort of obstacle ahead, white light will always be white light. Simple and seemingly soulless, but underlying is undiscovered potential and endless possibilities.


With the presence of a prism, white light can divert into a spectrum of colors, forming a rainbow. 


Without an obstacle ahead, we would never have the opportunity to witness the dispersion of white light into a rainbow. Without encountering difficulties, we would never discover the potential that lies within us, the special moments that add excitement to our lives, and the witnessing of what we once thought impossible happening in front of our eyes.


It’s important to recognize how capable we can be. That we can shine much brighter than we imagine.


Spectra—a full range of colors that can be seen when light passes through a prism. The word spectra refers to diversity, vibrancy, and individuality, much like our hopes for the Student Council this year, reflecting the diverse voices and perspectives of St Marians. We hope to leave a year of vivid experiences and vibrant memories for our fellow St Marians, as well as encouraging every student to develop their own unique talents and perspectives, fostering a high-spirited school environment that promotes individual well-being and supportiveness.  

Light travels both ways—while the white light pierces through the prism and is divided into several brilliant colors, at the same time, the rainbow of different-colored lights also merge into one single stream of the most powerful and brightest light. Being outstanding alone is not enough. Companions are what completes our journeys and makes them more memorable. All of our talents and specialities form a unique brightness that outshines everything else, leaving us with bondings and memories that last a lifetime.




漆黑夜空,宛如無盡的黑色海洋,深邃而神秘, 只有點點星光照亮黑暗的宇宙。 

「闡揚」— 不同的星星有不同的形狀和形態,獨一無二的它們卻都能夠在自己獨特的優勢闡揚開去,發光發熱。

「熒煌」— 在漆黑的夜空中,你與我皆是那一顆顆熠熠生輝的星辰,綴滿了天空的黑幕,將「熒煌」二字凝作實質,繪上這匹無垠的幕布。






Last Updated: 2023-10-12


B. Teacher Advisors

  • Ms. Evita Lai
  • Ms. Bonnie Leung
  • Ms. Meaco Kwok


Last Updated: 2023-09-05


C. ExCo Member 2023/24




Head Girl Scarlett Lee 5F (15)
Vice Head Girl Alvina Lee 5E (17)
Internal Secretary Lirit Cheng 5E (06)
External Secretary Julia Chung 5B (06)
Treasurer Cherry Chu 5F (08)
Liaison Officer Cherry Kwok 5A (13)
Liaison Officer Gianna Yip 5B (17)
Blue House Captain Anna Lee 5B (10)
Red House Captain Jamie Lee 5E (16)
White House Captain Jackie Zheng 5B (20)
Yellow House Captain    Isabelle Leung 5E (18) 
IT Secretary  Carissa Lau 5D (12)
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Last Updated: 2023-10-17


D. Constitution

Download Constitution (in PDF)


Last Updated: 2023-09-07


E. Year Plan

To be announced


Last Updated: 2023-10-08


F. Activity Highlights

Swimming Gala