SMCC Graduate Profile

A graduate of St. Mary's:

embraces Charity in Humility

• is able to love, respect and appreciate other people and life.
• has matured as a person emotionally and is considerate for others.
• has a sense of compassion for and is ready to support those who are in need.
• appreciates the joy of giving.

is a Dynamic, Goal-directed and Self-motivated Learner

• is goal oriented, proactive and able to collaborate.
• is knowledgeable, logical, critical, creative and innovative.
• is persevering, self-confident and resilient with effective problem solving skills.
• is able to broaden their horizons, evaluate an issue from multiple perspectives and formulate one’s own opinion.
• is able to communicate fluently and proficiently in English and Chinese.
• has a habit of reflection on experiences to seek self-improvement.

is a Responsible Citizen with Global Outlook

• is concerned about community and world issues, and is open and respectful to the opinions of others.
• is ready to take up her responsibilities as a global citizen to contribute to the betterment of the world.
• is able to relate current events to their historical causes and appreciate her own cultural heritage.

has Faith in God

• is able to understand and respect teachings in the Gospels.
• is able to reflect on her experience of God’s love, and realizes the need for prayer and for growth in faith.
• has a sense of wonder: an interest in a wide range of beauty, goodness and truth with a thankful heart .
• appreciates and realizes one’s abilities and God’s given talents.
• is able to choose a style of life in accordance to Christian values.