School Vision & Mission

School Sponsoring Body:
The Sisters of the Canossian Daughters of Charity, as missionaries, in the spirit of Magdalen of Canossa, their Foundress, were inspired to establish this school in 1900. Since then under the management of the Sisters and the dedication of the whole staff, the school has grown and flourished.
School Vision:
It's God's greatest glory that each and every St. Marian will be honoured and distinguished as she is and what she can become.
School Mission Statement:
St. Mary's Canossian College is committed to:

♦ the principle that ALL OUR STUDENTS CAN develop to their full capacity. It is our mission to provide a positive learning environment that enhances each student's opportunity to learn and develop at her own rate through a BALANCED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME which recognizes the need for growth in attitude, knowledge and skills through MORAL, INTELLECTUAL, SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and AESTHETIC DEVELOPMENT.
♦ the enhancement of the GOSPEL VALUES and SELF-ESTEEM through the creation of a POSITIVE and TRUSTFUL ENVIRONMENT. Our long-term goal is to groom DYNAMIC, CARING, GOAL-DIRECTED and SELF-MOTIVATED St. Marians for the dynamic age of the third millennium.

The Way to our Mission:

♦ St. Mary's Canossian College adopts a LIBERAL APPROACH to teaching and learning which encourages SELF-MOTIVATION, UNDERSTANDING, CREATIVITY and CHARACTER BUILDING - an approach which stresses not so much of getting a good grade per se but more the development of diversified interests, leadership skills and a balanced personality.
School Motto:
"Cor Unum et Via Una" - this Latin phrase means "One Heart and One Way". 'One Heart' signifies a heart of love and compassion, a heart with noble yearnings for virtue and knowledge and a heart ready to strive, to grow, and to serve. 'One Way' signifies the Gospel way of truth and fullness of life, which is envisaged in the Canossian education mission. St. Marians, all united in spirit and action, pledge to walk together in God's love along the way of Gospel truth.