F.1 Admission

Shortlisted Candidates (For Interview on 6th March 2021)

22 places are open for Discretionary Places Admission.

(A) Application Procedures 申請程序

1. Download the Application Form during the period from 1st December 2020 to 18th January 2021. (Please use white A4 paper.)
2. To complete the application process, please return the following to the school office 請將以下文件交回校務處:
a. Application form for Secondary One Discretionary Place (from EDB) 中一自行分配學位申請表(教育局)*
*EDB's Copy, School's Copy and Parent's Copy that bear the same Application Number should remain intact. “Name of School Applied to” should be filled in. Applicants are not required to indicate their order of preference to the schools they apply to.  載有相同申請編號的「教育局存根」、「學校存根」及「家長存根」的三個相聯部分需保持完整,切勿撕開。申請人需根據選校意願,在各聯預留的空位內填上申請中學名稱。申請人毋須向學校申明選校意願。
b. Completed school application form 填妥之學校申請表格
c. 2 self-addressed and stamped A5 size envelopes ($2) 已貼上郵票($2)的回郵信封兩個 (A5尺寸)
d. Applicant’s portfolio (photocopies of the following documents) 學生檔案 (下列文件之影印本)
P.5 (Whole year) & P.6 (1st Term) Reports 小五(全年)及小六(第一學期)成績表
Certificates of Achievements listed in the Application Form 列於申請表內「個人成就」的證書或獎狀
Hong Kong Identity Card 香港身份證
Birth Certificate 出生證明書
Baptismal Certificate (applicable to Catholics) 領洗紙(天主教徒適用)
Notes on application submission 交表須知:
Recommendation letters from primary schools are NOT required. 毋須遞交小學推薦信。
The application form (b) and the portfolio (d) should be stapled together in the sequence specified above.
3. Submission dates of application forms and related documents: 4th to 18th January 2021.
4. Opening hours of School Office 校務處開放時間 (Please use Austin Road Entrance. 請使用柯士甸道入口。) :
Monday to Friday 星期一至五 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday 星期六 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Sunday & public holidays 星期日及公眾假期 Closed 休息
5. In view of the COVID-19 epidemic, the EDB has specially allowed submission of DP applications by post for this SSPA cycle. Please take note of the following points if parents would like to submit the application by post: 鑑於2019 冠狀病毒病疫情,教育局特別容許本年度的自行分配學位可透郵遞申請。請注意以下事項︰
a. Parents of applicants should consider the risk in submitting the application by post. Under NO circumstances will the School be responsible for the delay in delivery and loss of mail items. 申請人家長需衡量以郵寄方式申請的相關風險。任何郵件延誤及遺失,本校概不負責。
b. Parents of applicants should check that there are no missing items in the application to avoid delay in the processing of application. Please refer to the items listed in Section A2 above. Please indicate clearly “Application for Form One Discretionary Places (2021-22)” on the envelope. 為免申請延誤,申請人家長需確保已交妥所需文件。請參閱上文A2部份所列的文件。另外,請於信封上註明「2021-22 申請中一自行分配學位」。
c. Applications with a postmark date later than the application deadline, i.e. 18th January 2021, will NOT be accepted. 透過郵寄 方式遞交的申請的截止日期以郵戳日期為準(即不遲於二零二一年一月十八日)。在此截止申請日期後遞交的申請將不獲處理。 
d. Upon receiving the applications by post, the School will notify parents of applicants by phone. 當收到郵寄申請後,本校將以電話方式聯絡申請人家長。
6. Upon receiving the application form, the school will assign an application code to every applicant.
7. Please check the list of interviewees (Application code) on 20th February 2021 on the school’s official website (see “F.1 Admission”).
  Only short-listed students will be notified of the interview by post.
8. The interview is scheduled for 6th March 2021.
  There will be no rescheduling of interview except for adverse weather or school closure.
  面試日期為二零二一年三月六日。 除惡劣天氣或停課外,否則面試不設改期。

(B) Criteria & Weighting 準則及比重

A. Selection of Applicants for Interview 面試遴選
  Criteria Weighting
1 Academic Performance 學業表現 50%
2 Conduct 操行 20%
3 Other Achievements 其他成就 30%
B. Selection of Successful Applicants 正取生遴選
  Criteria Weighting
1 EDB Rank Order 教育局次第名單 50%
2 Interview Performance 面試表現* 50%
   *In case face-to-face interviews cannot be conducted as advised by the Education Bureau, the school will notify the shortlisted applicants of further arrangements. 如根據教育局指引不能進行面對面面試, 學校將通知入圍的申請者相關安排。

(C) Points to Note 注意事項

1. According to the Education Bureau, each Primary 6 pupil is allowed to make application to at most two secondary schools for a discretionary place.
2. According to the Education Bureau, our school will notify parents of successful applicants of their children's inclusion in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places by letter and phone on 31st March 2021.
  If there is any enquiry, please contact the Admission Team by email ( latest by 6th April 2021.
3. Results will be released on 6th July 2021 through the Education Bureau.