A. Objectives

Students are expected to acquire knowledge and develop understanding of:
  • basic historical concepts, such as cause and effect, change and continuity, and similarities and differences;
  • diverse standpoints and perspectives inherent in different ways of representing and interpreting the past;
  • the beliefs, experiences and behaviours of their own nation as well as of other nations, and the ways in which they have shaped the development of the contemporary world;
  • the inter-relations of major events and movements that have occurred in the local community, the nation, Asia and the world in the 20th century; and
  • the major historical developments and trends that have shaped the contemporary world.


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B. Subject Teachers

Name of Teachers
Ms Maggie Chan
F.2, F.3, F.5, F.6
Mr Mario Chan 
F.3, F.4
Ms Judy Tsui
Ms Meaco Kwok
F.1, F.2
Miss Prudence Cheung   F.1


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C. Assessment System

Data-based questions assignment (s)
Organized Test
Mid-Year/ Final Examination
Mid-Year/ Final Examination


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D. Assessment Syllabus

 FInal Examniation 2020-21
Topic 3: Islamic civilization
.Textbook p.160-163

Topic 4: History, culture and heritage of early Hong Kong region
A: Major dialect groups and clans (Textbook p. 208-211)
B. The intangible cultural heritage (Textbook p.221-223)
D. Cheung Chau Jiao Festival (Textbook p.231-234,236)
* Supplementary reading materials in textbook (i.e. History extra on p.161, History Headline on p.211, History decoded on p.221)
– concept testing only (that means they will not be asked in Short questions or DBQ)

Exam Format (Full marks: 100 marks)
. Fill in the blanks (10 marks)
. MC (10 marks)
. True of False (5 marks)
. Short Questions (30 marks)
. DBQ X 2 (42 marks)
. Effective communication for Short questions and DBQ e.g. complete sentences, spelling, grammatical errors,
fluency, organization of answers, etc. (3 marks)
First World War
. Background and causes of war – p.1– p.6
. Trench warfare– p.7– p.8
. Wartime propaganda– p.9–p.10
. Treaty of Versailles and impacts of war– p.12– p.22
Nazism in Germany
. Hitler’s life and features of Nazism– p.1– p.6
. Suffering of Jews– p.7– p.10

Second World War
.Background and course of war – p.1– p.11
.Comparison of Nazism and Fascism – p.19– p.21

Exam Format 
(Full marks: 100 marks)
. Who am I? (5 marks). MC (10 marks)
. Historical proof reading (20 marks) 
. Map Reading (20 marks)
. DBQ X 2 (42 marks)
. Effective communication e.g. fluency, spelling, grammatical errors, organization, etc. (3 marks)
· All topics of Theme B
· All topics of Theme B
· Modernization and transformation of Hong Kong: Political and institutional changes
· Modernization and transformation of Hong Kong: Development as an international city
· Modernization and transformation of China: Early attempts at modernization – reforms and revolutions
. Socialist modernization in the Maoist period and the evolution of "socialism with Chinese characteristics" in the post-Mao period


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E. Subject Resources



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