A. Objectives

  • To fortify students’ power of textual analysis and expression in speech and writing
  • To extend students’ exposure to, and interest in, works of literature
  • To develop students’ sensitivity in the study of literature which gives them insight into life as a whole
  • To help students foster, and demonstrate, their best potentials in the HKDSE


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B. Subject Teachers

Name of Teachers


Ms Bridget Ho (Panel Head)

F.3, F.4 & F.6

Ms Hermione Lai

F.3 & F.5

Mr Adam Dowler


Ms Karen Wong




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C. Assessment System

Weighting (%)
First Term
Second Term
Mid-Year Exam
Final Exam
Weighting (%)
First Term
Second Term
Mid-Year Exam
SBA proposal/ outline
Final Exam
Weighting (%)

F.6 First Term
Tests Final Exam 
Weighting (%) 30 70


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D. Assessment Syllabus


First Term


The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: Chapters 1-3


1 unseen poem

Mid-Year Exam

-          The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

-          1 set poet & 1 unseen poem

Second Term


2 set poets & 1 unseen poem


The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Final Exam

-          The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

-          2 set poets & 1 unseen poem


First Term


2 short stories


The Merchant of Venice: Acts I-II

Mid-Year Exam

-          4 short stories

-          The Merchant of Venice:  Acts I-III

Second Term


The Merchant of Venice


4 set poets & 1 unseen poem


SBA outline/ proposal

Final Exam

The Great Gatsby
The Merchant of Venice

- 6 short stories


First Term




Short story 



Final Exam

The entire HKDSE syllabus




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E. Subject Resources

Content Area Reading List



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Online Study Guides






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