A. Objectives

"Science is a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself."

  • To disseminate interesting and fun facts about science and astronomy
  • To broaden students' exposure to various fields of science and astronomy so as to create a keen learning atmosphere on campus
  • To nurture future scientists
  • To provide a platform for students to exchange opinions and share enthusiasm in science and astronomy, thus strengthening the cohesiveness among them


Last Updated: 2021-10-01


B. Teacher Advisors

Teacher Advisor 
Email Address
Mr Hemans Wong
Ms Angel Chan


Last Updated: 2021-10-01


C. ExCo Members

5E   Rachel Wong
5E   Chloe Lam
5F   Charlot Ho
5D   Eunice Ho
Liaison Officer
4C   Jeanie Hui
 Liaison Officer
4D   Amelia Leung
 Liaison Officer
4E   Abby Cheung 
5F   Sammie Ip
4E   Connie Chui
4E   Peony Lai


Last Updated: 2021-10-04


D. Year Plan

Coming soon...


Last Updated: 2021-10-04


E. Membership

Form 1-5: at least 1.5 activities
Form 6: at least 0.5 activities
** The annual general meeting is counted as 0.5 activity. **


Last Updated: 2021-10-01


F. Gallery

Awaiting to explore ...


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G. Resources

Useful Links

1.HK Science Museum
2. HK Space Museum
3. Hong Kong Astronomical Society
4. Institute of Physics
5. NASA 


Last Updated: 2021-10-01


H. Online Recruitment